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Mistake-Free Wall Paint Selection For Your home

August 30, 2015 Guest Post

When it comes to choosing a colour for painting your house, many things should be taken into account, such as the size of the room, its purpose, the furniture and their colours. Making a decision may not look such easy a task, so take a look at the following tips that can help you in making the right choice of colours.


People often make a mistake of choosing the same colour of furniture and paint of the walls. Instead, you can accent furniture by choosing lighter nuances of the colour that is on your walls, or by matching the walls with a similar nuance for the pillows on your bed.

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P_House, Transformation of Small Post War House Into Modern Live/Work Home by Ras-a Building Design Studio

Modern House Design

Description of P_House from Architects:
Located in Redondo Beach, a greater Los Angeles area beach city, the p_House is a transformation of a small post war house into a modern live/work home for a young professional. Due to budget constraints as well as environmental regard, the original house was recycled as much as possible (in lieu of scraping the whole thing and building from scratch). The existing foundation was kept intact as well as the majority of external framing. Keeping to the original footprint lowered construction costs and allowed the project to bypass local zoning regulations required for new construction.

The challenge was making the small house feel larger without growing the house horizontally. The majority of interior walls where removed or relocated; allowing the living, kitchen, and dining area to be one fluid space. A fourteen foot wide sliding glass door pockets out of site, extending the space outside to a revamped back yard and swimming pool. This outdoor living area becomes the focal point of the new design, while making the modest size of the interior feel more expansive. A bedroom, a bathroom, and the one car garage are the only rooms that keep their original location. A design studio with it’s own entrance replaces a third bedroom and the old kitchen. The master suite is relocated to a new second story addition which cantilevers over the one car garage below creating additional covered parking. It’s slim form allows the midday sun to shine over the main floor and onto the pool and outdoor living area. The use of clerestory windows on the south elevation prevent views of the busy street, while still bringing in breezes and framing the tops of nearby palm trees. The north elevation, which faces the back yard and pool, has floor to ceiling windows providing the interior with an abundance of diffused natural light. The open tread stairwell acts like a thermal chimney sucking warm air through out the house and ventilating it outside through operable windows at the upper level. High solar reflective roofing, light colored cement board siding, and a well insulated building envelope add to the passive solar design. This along with the use of high efficiency ceiling fans, eliminates the need for A/C. A clean burning modern stove reduces heating loads during the colder months. Other sustainable building materials and methods used include a tankless water heater, FSC certified cedar, low V.O.C. paints, bamboo flooring, and xeriscape yards. [ Ras-a ]

P House by Ras a Building Design Studio P House, Transformation of Small Post War House Into Modern Live/Work Home by Ras a Building Design Studio
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What Are Your Pergola Roof Design Options?

August 29, 2015 Guest Post

pergola roofing options What Are Your Pergola Roof Design Options?

One of the most attractive and cost-effective ways to add a multipurpose living, relaxation and entertaining space to your home is through the construction of a pergola. Whilst it was originally defined as being an open structure with an open roof, the whole concept has evolved to also include semi-enclosed structures and even roofing. If you are thinking about adding one of these structures to your home, you might also be wondering about your pergola roof design options. Read more…

Pay Attention to Vaastu Remedies while Decorating Your House

Guest Post

Vaastu Pay Attention to Vaastu Remedies while Decorating Your House

Home decor is the most important aspect of doing up your home, not merely because of ornamental purposes but also for the positivity it can bring indoors. All of us bring about changes in our home décor from time to time. So, the next time you are making décor changes, keep in mind these helpful Vaastu Shastra remedies that are meant for homes and will ensure positivity in your life. The more positive energy you can amass for your house, the better it is for the well-being of you and your family members.

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4 Ingenious Ideas To Give Your Garage A Stunning Makeover

August 28, 2015 Guest Post

Do you remember the last time you used your garage to park your car? Bet Not! Apart from a few exceptional cases out there, more often than not, garages are not used to store cars. Most of the times, garages cease to fulfill the purpose they’re built for, ultimately becoming the catchall for all sorts of junk and unwanted items. How about giving your garage a clever conversion and turning it into a more productive and interesting space? Listed below are 4 ingenious ideas that will give you some inspiration to give your unused garage a stunning makeover!

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