Sunday, December 21, 2014

Luxury Hotel Sezz Saint in Saint-Tropez, France, Interior Design by Christophe Pillet

December 20, 2014 Hotel, Interior Design

This one of luxury hotel in Saint-Tropez, France. French designer Christophe Pillet has created this Hotel Sezz Saint’s interiors.

Luxury Pool Luxury Hotel Sezz Saint Luxury Hotel Sezz Saint in Saint Tropez, France, Interior Design by Christophe Pillet
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Stylish Coffe Table With Built-In Vases


Stylish White Coffee Table With Built In Vases Stylish Coffe Table With Built In Vases

This one of unusual coffee table by Bas van der Veer design studio. Stylish coffee table with built-in vases, so we do not have to bother looking for the vase to decorate this table. The coffee table is made by covering the small table and the vases with a layer of plastic through thermoforming. Truly creative product. Read more…

Unique Lighting Design by Cho hyung suk Design

December 19, 2014 Lighting Design

At past we have shown you curve frame sofa work of Korean Designer Cho hyung suk, at this time we show you again. That is lighting design, unique an unusual lighting, what are they, check below…

B chain lamp in red and white Unique Lighting Design by Cho hyung suk Design
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Cosy and Creative: The Epitome of the Home

Guest Post

The bathroom is one of the only rooms in the house that is used by every family member multiple times a day. Whether nature calls, whether they are brushing their teeth in the morning and the night, or whether they are beautifying themselves ready for the day ahead, the bathroom could well be called the hub of the home. Many bathrooms are considered cold and clinical, but the trend for cosy and creative bathrooms is now flying full steam ahead, with warm colours and homely vibes turning the bathroom into the epitome of household friendliness. Experts explain how you can transform your plain old bathroom into a welcoming family hub.

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How to Protect your Roof from Catastrophe

December 18, 2014 Guest Post

Dealing with routine roofing repairs should be planned on by homeowners annually. However, certain regions of the country are prone to more serious roofing catastrophes than other areas. What should you do if you live in an extreme cold climate where snow and ice can cause a roof to cave in? How can you protect your roof during a hurricane and other serious windstorms? Here are some measures you can take to help ensure your roof is safe during a catastrophe.

House and Sky How to Protect your Roof from Catastrophe

Change Roofing Materials
If you live in an area with high winds, use concrete tiles as roofing materials. Concrete roofing materials are strong and can withstand wind, ice, fire, and other conditions. If you plan on using concrete tiles, you’ll need additional support within the attic for the extra weight. Another roofing option to consider is metal roofing. Metal does a great job protecting against snow and ice, as it simply slides right off. This makes it easier to protect your home from damage as the weight of the ice and snow will not stay on the roof for long, preventing cave-ins from occurring.

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