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Renovating Your Dream Bedroom

November 20, 2015 Bedroom Design, Guest Post


Who does not want an appealing bedroom to spend their nights in? Well, you don’t have to dispose of everything you have and start from scratch, because renovating your bedroom to transform it into something special is not as difficult as you might have anticipated. If you spend one-third of your life sleeping, you should do so in a room of your dreams. Not only will a disorganized bedroom hinder your relaxation, but will also affect your health. Especially if your bedroom holds focal significance, you should definitely get it treated and reconditioned.

Renovating Your Dream Bedroom

However, before you take over the actual process of renovating your dream bedroom, you should ponder upon what you actually need to change. Think about your style and the style of your bedroom. Consider the size, dimensions, and natural lighting of your room before proceeding with the themes and schemes. Think of the purposes your bedroom will serve; you might use it as an office space, or a movie place, or simply as a place to relax and sleep.


1.Organize and purge
Make-over projects involve achieving riddance from old, unwanted stuff, which you would not be using in your new layout. Such items can include old lamps, side tables, books, boxes, accessories, and other unwanted articles. Since your closet is located in your room as well, you should go through it and give away the clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore. Once you have gotten rid of so much unwanted stuff, your room will be much less of a clutter.


2.Walls and ceiling
The fastest and the cheapest method to give your room a new look is to paint it. This is the point where paint chips serve their purpose. Find a colour, or maybe even a combination of colours that suit your mood and personality – cosy and warm, bright and electric, or light and modern. Apart from these three, you can choose from thousands of colour schemes, and even replace them if you feel like you need to.


3.Curtains and blinds
Since bedrooms are filled with beautiful furniture, you should add something to it which is not considered to be a furniture item, such as window coverings. Draperies draw quite a lot of attention and therefore they should be appealing. Since they might be a bit expensive, choose carefully to make sure that in addition to looking good, they also serve their purpose.


The best thing to do is to use warm as well as cool lights and use them according to your requirement. Use lots of low-voltage lights, and a couple of high-voltage ones too. Install a dimmer so you can handle the amount of light as you desire. Do not forget to get a couple of bedside lamps because they can really strike up the mood!


5.Artistic additions
Paintings and drawings automatically make a room look classy. If you are a fan of art, or you like any painting that complements your personality, you should definitely put it up. For antique fans, pots and vases look best when placed on shelves or on the sides of your dressing table.


This was all about renovating your dream bedroom. The only thing you need to do in order to make your bedroom look just the way you wanted it to, is to work things out step by step, and know where to place your things. Sometimes, even simple rearrangements can give your bedroom a totally new outlook!


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