Friday, May 22, 2015

Modern Two Story Home with Heat Control in Brazil

May 22, 2015 Modern House Design

This modern two story home located in São Paulo, Brazil. A modern home with building’s comfort and energy efficiency. Modern family home which called Morumbi Residence was designed by Studio Drucker Arquitectura. This home has windows with heat control as one of energy efficiency, beside heat control this home also has sewage treatment, solar heater, cross ventilation, polystyrene insulation, digital control of lighting, recycled wood that make the home become less harmful for the environment and great home.

Modern two story home Morumbi Residence Modern Two Story Home with Heat Control in Brazil

Modern two story home, Morumbi Residence

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3 Reasons to Have a Furnace Tune Up Routinely

Guest Post

Most people love the colder weather, but cannot stand to be cold inside of their home. In order to avoid being cold this winter, you will have to make sure that all of the elements of your heating system are working properly. The only way to ensure your unit is working as it should is by having a professional come in to service it for you. The money you pay to have your furnace and heating unit serviced will be worth it in the end. Here are a few reasons why you need to have your furnace maintained on a regular basis.

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How to Invest in Greenwood Real Estate

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The Greenwood is a blessed neighborhood having a lot of green trees offering beautiful scenic views. Therefore, nature lovers love to settle in Green to enjoy a peaceful and pollution free living. Therefore, Greenwood real estate remains in great demand. Other than its foliage that is found in the form of big green trees, greenwood offers all basic necessities of modern day living. Here you can find the outlets to find the costumes of your choice, enjoy coffee at some good restaurant. You can have a fun time with your loved ones at some fast food restaurant like Red Mill Burger. In short living in Greenwood is a fun! Read more…

Creating Functional Kids Study Room with Folding Bed

May 21, 2015 Interior Design

One way to make our kids study room more simple and has a double benefit is by combine the study room equipped with a small bed, for example with folding bed. Folding bed has more advantage than ordinary beds. Besides practical because it can be folded also save space. Not only for our kids, we can apply it to our home office.

Folding Bed and Home Office Photo Creating Functional Kids Study Room with Folding Bed
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San Luis Road Residence in Berkeley, CA by EnvelopeA+D

Modern House Design

San Luis Road Residence was completed in 2008, was designed by EnvelopeA+D.
A house for a structural engineer and his family in the Berkeley hills, the project expresses structural elegance in the cantilever of the new top floor master bedroom. The design seeks to open the spatial relationships to the surrounding site: to an entry courtyard at the front, to a garden at the base and the kitchen and to the expansive bay view at the back. Visit EnvelopeA+D site.

San Luis Road Residence San Luis Road Residence in Berkeley, CA by EnvelopeA+D
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