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Why and How to Choose Crib

March 31, 2015 Guest Post

Why and How to Choose Crib Why and How to Choose Crib

Crib refers to the bed for infant. There are many cribs in different style on market and the price variance is large. Should parents buy crib? What is the proper size for crib?Infant grow during sleep. High quality sleep can affect its brain and physicaldevelopment. Therefore, it is necessary to buy crib.

Why should parents buy crib?
Although people may have different opinion on crib, the advantages of crib are obvious: safety consideration; good sleeping environment for parents and baby; cultivate independence of baby.

Why and How to Choose Crib 1 Why and How to Choose Crib
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Luxury House Design in Hawaii with Pool Surrounds The House

March 30, 2015 Luxury House Design, Modern House Design

This is a luxury house design with pool surrounds the house in West Maui, Hawaii. With approximately 9,000 Sq. Ft, the luxury house Amongst the palm trees. A pool surrounds the homes patio on both sides, full of jagged rocks for a natural look with mini waterfalls through rocks at one end, and a spa.

Luxury House Design in Hawaii Luxury House Design in Hawaii with Pool Surrounds The House
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Bookcases by Domo Dinamica


More than ten, Domo Dinamica has developed idea of creating and realizing animated design objects for the house. They have many product : Armchairs, Sofas, Ottoman, Chairs, Stools, Tables, Bookcases, Accessories, Lighting, and others.
This is three type Bookcases from Domo Dinamica :autumn, alibook, and pagina.

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Small Apartment with Bright Interior Design

March 29, 2015 Apartment

Small apartment interior design Small Apartment with Bright Interior Design

Here are small apartment in Moscow, only 34 square meters. This apartment has bright interior design. Although small size, this apartment has architect which made in very modern, ergonomic, comfortable and stylish interior where everything is on its place. Although with small size we can still enjoy life in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. We can apply it for our home or our apartment.

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Sensualscaping by Atmos Studio

Architecture Design, Landscaping

This is one of work from Atmos studio, Sensualscaping. If you want your home more beautiful and attractive this design might can help. As inspiration ideas or want to have home like this.

Sensual Lscaping Plan by Atmos studio Sensualscaping by Atmos Studio

Few Description from Atmos Studio:
The architecture echoes and mirrors the clients’ lifestyle, connecting the spaces of their various passions – cooking with entertaining, reading with writing, gardening with every aspect of everyday life. Read more…

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