Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Getting the Most Water for your Buck

August 5, 2015 Guest Post

Water: nothing is as vital to life as good ol’ H2O. Its importance and versatility are things we can truly raise a glass to: we use it to drink, to bathe, to wash our dishes and clothes, and to sustain the life of our lawns and plants. Yet, as vital as water is, there isn’t an endless supply of it. Wasting it can impact both the environment and your utility bill.

Water Getting the Most Water for your Buck
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5 Rarely Asked Crucial Questions about Mosaic Tiles

August 4, 2015 Guest Post

Mosaic tiles add life to any part of your house. Its colors and designs are attractive and vibrant. Making mosaics is no easy feat though. It needs a lot of focus because of the nitty gritty details involved in creating it. Here are some questions that are rarely asked about mosaic tiles but are crucial to the process of creating it.

What specific precautions should I take when doing a Mosaic project?
Yes there are! One should always have eye protection on, such as safety glasses. When nipping glass mosaic tiles, shards can sometimes fly in random directions if your nipping technique isn’t quite perfect yet. Read more…

Modern Apartment Interior Design by Forma Design

Apartment, Interior Design

Forma Design has redesign this colonial penthouse duplex apartment interior with Zen concept, flowing and airy space connected each other. Open space with flexible and surprising décor like LED kitchen lighting that has changed light colors really has inspiring and refreshing atmosphere. A glow light to create cheer up mood. Stones at the living fireplace give natural modern character. A sliding books cabinet that become day bed with cheer décor create peaceful sense. For further information detail visite Forma Dsign site. [ Via ]

Modern Chic Apartment Interior Design by Forma Design Modern Apartment Interior Design by Forma Design
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How to Choose the Right Siding for Your Needs

August 3, 2015 Guest Post

If you’re in the process of choosing siding for your home, you probably realize how daunting the task really is. There’s lots to consider with this type of home improvement project, from cost to colors and beyond. Will you do the siding yourself or will you hire a professional to get it done? Will you go with the standard siding style or something fancier such as shingles or scallops? Your decision will be based in large part on your budget, but the style of your home or business, and your location also play a big role.

House with Trees How to Choose the Right Siding for Your Needs
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Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat

Green House Design

Let’s plant to reduce the effects of global warming. One of them by making the plants on the roof. Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat. More effort is needed to create a green roof. Here is information that can help you understand the importance of the roof garden, as well as the steps for preparation.

1. Crops are planted on the roof will absorb solar heat received, but will not be passed into the room. This summer it will be used by plants to photosynthesize and grow flowers. That way, the temperature in the neighborhood will decrease with a roof garden.

Green Room Diagram Green Room Composition Roof Greening Home to Reduce Solar Heat

Green Room Diagram, Green Roof Composition

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